13 May 2008

Paris, je t'aime

From now on I'm starting a new photo-serie "Parisians"

I just made a couple of photos of people on the Paris' streets. I like Paris, and I like the way people express themselves there - in their clothes & so on. They are very different but interesting. Well, enough words, just enjoythe pictures :)

In the metro

07 May 2008


06 May 2008

What is the name of this tree?

Click here for the picture of the tree itself

Gummy Bears' heads

10 April 2008

Coming up: Dinant - myth or reality?

Don't miss it :)

09 April 2008

Vilvoorde at Thursday

There is nobody on the streets. It looks like some strange sickness killed all people... Amusing feelings...

08 April 2008

A piece of the Belgian nature

Vampires like hot-dogs too! :)

05 April 2008

What a legs

03 April 2008

You can see the Earth in the illuminator

Also more colorful picture is available here

And here you can listen a russian song about hard destiny of people in the outer space. Unfortinately (for you, my dear not-Russian-speaking reader) it is in Russian. But any way, you can enjoy the music at least ;)

31 March 2008

Let's add some graphics

30 March 2008

I fed a peacock!

Could you imagine that today I fed a peacock with frites! From my own hands!
I was eating frites in the park in Vilvoorde and the peacock came to me and started to walk around me to obtain some food :) I'm not greedy so I gave it a few :)

It's very beautiful and majestic bird :)

PS. You can find more photos on my flickr account

29 March 2008

Gargoyle on Notre-Dame de Paris

Gargoyle on the Notre-Dame de Paris

Scary, isn't it? :)