20 April 2010


This blog has been moved to http://foto.jollypix.com/

10 December 2009

Genetic modified fruits =)

Genetic modified fruits =), originally uploaded by mcsdwarken.

Genetically modified fruits spread all around Europe!

07 December 2009

Do you like friets?

Friten, originally uploaded by mcsdwarken.

Belgian friets aka Pommes Frites aka French Fries... Aren't they beautiful? =))

26 November 2009

Water pourring in the glass

Water pourring in the glass, originally uploaded by mcsdwarken.

Just another photo experiment. This time - with background light. Looking forward to my studio set to get more impressive photos

25 November 2009


Moon, originally uploaded by mcsdwarken.

The Moon as it seen on 23/11/2009 =)

13 May 2008

Paris, je t'aime

From now on I'm starting a new photo-serie "Parisians"

I just made a couple of photos of people on the Paris' streets. I like Paris, and I like the way people express themselves there - in their clothes & so on. They are very different but interesting. Well, enough words, just enjoythe pictures :)

In the metro

07 May 2008